Our Electromechanical Contracting Experience

Our Electromechanical Contracting Experience

We develop Electromechanical Contracting Projects including in Construction discipline and are able to implement these projects in the field on the basis of EPC.
You can rely on DESK YAPI‘s experience for electrical and mechanical engineering needs within the scope of Contracting Agreement which projects that you want to implement with large investment financing.
With the awareness of professionalism; projects completed with high quality and just in time, transfer your responsibility to us, in this area.It is our duty; is to fulfill this responsibility that we have taken on us in a complete manner by putting forth engineering works to be proud of.

Countries Where Our Projects Are Located

We have extensive electromechanical projects in different countries.

We have extensive electromechanical projects in different countries.
As a Contracting Company, we have implemented many contracting projects at home and abroad on time and with superior engineering design. Landmark projects in Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Montenegro and Turkey, where our major projects are located.
We are in close contact with prospective customers are desired to be implemented in many countries.

Some of Our Referenced Projects

For all our electromechanical projects, see the “Our Projects” page.

Kuwait International Airport New Passenger Terminal Building,

Gazelli Cosmetics Factory and Art House (Azerbaijan),

Portonovi Marina Resort Hotel (Montenegro),

Socar Star Refinery Headquarters Building (Turkey),

Socar Star Refinery R&D Building (Turkey).

You can overlook the details of all projects on our projects page.

Our Electromechanical Engineering Solutions

Solutions we produce in the field of Electrical and Mechanical.

Requirements; It can be purely mechanical or electrical systems, or it can be in the form of extensive industrial electromechanical requirements where these systems are used together. Whatever your need, DESK YAPI aspect; We are ready to realize your needs in the field of electromechanics with superior engineering studies.

Mechanical Systems

  • Medical Gas Installation
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning Installation
  • Kitchen and Laundry Installation
  • Garden Irrigation System
  • Swimming Pool Installation
  • Steam and Condensate Installation
  • Cooling System, Fire System
  • Heating Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Hygienic Air Conditioning Installation

Electrical Systems

  • Low and Medium voltage Installation
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Lightning Protection & Grounding Installation
  • Telephone, Data & Security Systems, Voice Call & Announcement Systems
  • Announcement Systems
  • Building Lighting Installation
  • Fire, Detection & Fire Warning Systems
  • Transformer – Generator and UPS Systems

Industrial Systems

  • Process Pipeline
  • Industrial Automation Systems
  • Chimney and Dust Collection Systems
  • Hot Oil Installation Applications
  • Sea Water Treatment Systems
  • Waste Water and Raw Water Treatment Systems
  • Gas Installation (LPG, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen)
  • Compressed Air Systems

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