Socar Star Refinery Headquarters Building In Corporation With DESK YAPI, SOCAR and R-ALKON

Contract Total Area
Completion Date

Socar Star Refinery Headquarters Building

Project Type: Office
Country: Turkey
City: Aliağa/İZMİR
Total Project Area: 27.000m²
Project Scope:Electrical and Mechanical Works
Project Owner: Socar
P. Launch: 2018
P. Completion: 2019
Employer: R-ALKON
Socar Genel Müdürlük R-Alkon İnşaat ve Alüminyum

Scope of this contracts covers the complete calculations design, drawing, selection, procurement, supply and delivery, installation, setting to work, testing, commissioning and successful performance of all materials and equipment, including all necessary fixings and fastenings related with electrical and mechanical works.

Electrical and Mechanical Works

-Hydro technical Installations
-Irrigation System
-Mechanical Piping (Water Supply, Waste and Storm Water, Heating & Cooling Systems)
-All HVAC Equipment and Related Part Installation
-Fire Fighting and Plumbing
-Establishment of All LV and ELV System Infrastructure
-Building Automation System
-Meeting Room Systems
-Installations and Assembly MV and LV Equipment ( MDP, EMDP, UPS, MV Generators, Switchgears etc.)
-Installations of ELV Systems ( Fire Detection, Data/Telephone, IPTV, CCTV etc.)